USA holiday 2015 part 1

I thought it about time I wrote a post or 2 about my recent trip to the states.

London -> Washington, DC

We decided to stay over night before our flight even though it wasn’t til 10:45am. The journey to the hotel was, lets say, eventful. We took the train to Gatwick then a coach to Heathrow and finally a bus to the hotel. Our train was on time & no issues there. Our coach however was delayed but we were able to get on any of the many coaches to Heathrow! The madness happened at Heathrow. We planned to get a London bus to the hotel as it is free to hotels around the airport but we had just missed one and would have to wait 40 mins, we decided on the monorail as it goes direct to the hotel but the queues of people leaving the airport trying to get the lifts to parking was madness, total unorganised, so we went t the hopper bus, but we’d just missed that one, so went back to the London bus and eventually made it to the hotel.

Friday we made it to the airport in time to have a pub breakfast before boarding. Boarding went smoothly and we were sat on the top deck of this

The flight couldn’t end soon enough. I never used to mind flying and I’ll do it as it get me to where I want to go, but the flight wasn’t nice. Too much turbulance for me and even Keith at times. I don’t mind it usually but it’s when it is up-down-side-side etc I hate it (not as bad as my last US trip). The decent was the worst part, up-down, side-side, even the best of flyer would have an issue with it.

Eventually we landed and were out of Dullas airport within an hour.I was happy that we got to go on this

We boarded the silverline coach to the silverline metro station and took the metro into central Washington, then walked to our hotel just up from the White House.

We checked out our room then in was time to explore Washington DC!

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