Christmas 2015

So I've finally gotten round to write my Christmas post. Christmas day itself was fairly quiet, I finished a night shift at 8am just as Keith was starting his. I…

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USA holiday 2015 part 4

continued.... Saturday This day was xfinity day. We arrived at the track early, booked tickets for the track walk and bought more thinks. This time we dropped everything off at…

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USA holiday 2015 part 3

Photos say a thousand words. We left off with us in Washington on the Monday. Tuesday Another trip to the Air & Space museum and doing our last bit of…

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USA holiday 2015 part 1

I thought it about time I wrote a post or 2 about my recent trip to the states. London -> Washington, DC We decided to stay over night before our…

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This is my new gym

Yes I have joined yet another gym, this one however is 2.2 miles from my house so further than I usually go. I representation of what it will look like…

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Isle of Wight Challenge 2015

So I completed the IOW 2015 challenge, well 91km of it. It was really interesting at first but I wasn't to fond of the night walking. It rained so my…

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2015 races

So I have yet to do even a 5k race but I have signed up for the following races this year: Isle of Wright Challenge (106km) - 2/3 May In…

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