I have been at my current job since November 2014 but I already want to move on. I don’t hate the job, in fact I quiet like it, but it is not what I want to do with my life. I’m 33 and need to start doing something.

I have 2 years left of my current degree with the Open Uni and then I aim to do a nursing degree via secondment from my employer. These are hard to get and from talking to someone who is about to go this route, even with my degree I may still have to do an access to nursing course! This is a 1 year course at college so I’d have to do that at the latest September 2016. I also may have to do an apprentership but this is 2 years long I think, meaning I need to start that this September. Both would have to be done along side my current studies.

I don’t think my current degree will lead to much and I don’t really want to move away from the NHS if I can help it.

I do however have an interview for a job with in my hospital which would be a great change and were I could still go onto nursing if I wanted to. I’m not going to go into any details yet but I’ll let you know next Friday 🙂

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