An educational standstill…

So since 2008 I have been a student with the Open uni, an online uni here in the UK. At this time I was all for science so I started small and did some 10 credit short modules. I then moved onto 30 & 60 credit modules, this when it all went wrong.

I cancelled a 60 credit module in 2009, then a 30 credit one in 2010. I then wanted to change my module to Health & Social Care but as I had cancelled/failed too many modules I was restricted to doing another short module for 15 credits. In 2011 I finally completed a 60 credit module but failed a 30 credit module in 2012! This is when I changed my degree to the open degree so I could be flexible in what I studied plus the modules I had passed didn’t fit with a named degree I wanted to do (Health Sciences). 2013 I finally completed level 1 (1st year) of study and was ready to move onto level 2.
That year I tried to pass the 30 credit module that I failed in 2012 but failed again (this was the 2nd time), this was one of my first level 2 modules by the way. I managed to pass 1 module in 2013 so I had achieved 155 out of 360 credits. At this point I came to realise that science really wasn’t for me so I moved onto a sports/exercise degree and I was excited to get starting. I never completed my one module for 2013-2014 lol

I only did one module in 2013 as I wasn’t given funding and the OUSBA only gave me a loan for the 30 credit module not the 60 credit one. I have NOW gone back to health & social care as my current work has given me an inside to working with learning disabilities and I started looking at future careers in that field.

My credit is poor so I have to wait till September to re-register for a 30 + 60 credit module. I do hope I get a loan this time round at least for the 60 credit module. I am aiming this year to complete all level 2 modules so that I only have 2 level 3 modules to do next year and as it’s my last year I am going to apply again for funding.

If I get no loan then I just can’t afford to carry on.

I have looked at other distance learning/online degrees and I like the look of the crime and criminology degree at Portsmouth uni which is £300 a year for 4.5 years. I may in the end just give up on getting a degree completely and look at short courses in health, sport etc.

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