3rd year placements

I'm not one to just wait around, too many times things haven't been done when they should and delays have happened. Due to this since December 2019 I have been…

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My time at uni so far….

I have been at uni for 4 months now so feel it's about time for an update. Our first week there for all induction, info on course + modules +…

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That time I took part in SimEx 2018

SIMEX Series is the UK’s largest annual international disaster response exercise. It is an operational (live controlled) field exercise designed to establish a learning environment for players to exercise disaster event response…

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I got into uni!

After weeks of wondering  and emails to uni, I finally today got the news I was waiting for...I got my uni confirmation that I will be going to uni in…

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University updates….

I recently received my final TMA mark back, it wasn't good. I need to get 40% for the OCAS but I have only gotten 38.4% :( I  have contacted both…

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Uni update

So lets see, my mid July I will know whether I have passed my Health & Social Care degree or not and whether I go into nurse training. SDK228 The science…

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It has to happen now…

So I haven't been posting on here in a month or two. I have since moved flats (post to come soon), taken part in a 24hr slot car race and…

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So I don't talk much about uni on here. I tend to forget about it till the last min :( I go to the OU. This is a purely online…

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