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So I haven’t stuck to my aim of adding my daily calorie burn and calories eaten. I’m not logging this week but below is my total for last week.

 16/12/2013 – 22/12/2013

calories eaten: 12283  | calories burned: 14195 | deficit: -1912

So not quite -3500 this week.


I didn’t go to the gym today, even if I planned too, I wouldn’t have gotten down the drive to the building. I did however go on my exercise bike at home for 19 mins and did 10k

drive in using the football entrance

the main car park

the main drive, a horses field is on the right of the fence
the rain got into the cafe

why the hell are the horses still in the field!


So I ordered a water bottle online yesterday and it is meant to be delivered today before 5pm so that is within the next hr. It is currently still being processed in Portsmouth which is over an hrs way from here. Doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it before Christmas then.

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