2.64 miles walked

2.64 walk

You might wonder why I cut the top left hand corner on my walk/run. Well that is a parade of shops and I like to avoid as many people as I can. Saying that at 7-8am not many people are about. Don’t think the corner would make it 5k though, I shall have a think about that.

I cancelled my expensive gym membership. It was costing £80.50 a month which I couldn’t really afford and I haven’t been for weeks/months. I am still in a contract so only time will tell what happens, I  know that the gym doesn’t report to any credit reference agency but if it gets taken over by a DCA that will and I’ll end up with a default. Hopefully I can come to an arrangement with the gym to pay off my contract at a lesser amount each month.

I’m getting a mountain bike real soon, a friend of my OH’s has two that aren’t being used so we can have them for £20 each! Been sitting in the shed for 3 years and were new when they got them so they should be okay, for that price who cares.

My weight is staying stable at 177-180lbs, would like to see 177lbs when I next weigh (Sunday).

I joined a ‘step bet’ for $40. It is 6 weeks long and as long as I meet my target each week I’ll at lest get my money back. The stretch goals are quiet high though.

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