The run that never was

So I had plans this morning to go out for another run, my body had other ideas when I awoke so I have stayed close to the bath room all morning.

I also planned to do lvl 1 day 1 of Shred and also 3B NerdFitness workout. I may still do these but at present I am being lazy on the sofa watch yesterdays Olympic replay.

I just don’t get what is going on with me at present. I sooo want to lose this weight and to get fitter but I just don’t seem to want to do anything about it WTF!

I have all these good intentions but then don’t follow through!

I can however see my stomach getting smaller, there is no longer any ‘overhang’ and it is getting close to disappearing. My trousers are getting too big so might try a smaller size when I next buy some. My arms on the over hand or still complete bingo wings ūüôĀ

On the subject of fitness, I haven’t been to the gym in ages, I intend to continue going from time to time til my year is up next May, then after my holiday I am going to look at going to a better strength less health gym as well as starting at a tennis club. The cost of this gym is ¬£35 and the tennis club is ¬£28 a month, if I want classes its ¬£5 each at the gym and ¬£5-7 at the tennis club. I can however just pay for session at the tennis centre without a membership so might do that to start with.

I did consider a crossfit box but for unlimited access it is ¬£100+ a month and you are still can’t just turn up and workout, each workout is a ‘class’. That’s why I left my other strength gym as it was too restrictive.

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