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I have been ‘trying’ to lose weight since the beginning of 2013. I remember being excited when I had a free afternoon to go to the gym. I would only use the treadmill, bike and rower though.

I got my first fitbit around August 2013, at the same time I finally found a gym (health club) that I enjoyed going to (I got bored of the first 3 lol). I have used a fitbit religiously ever since, except when I either washed it or lost in in NY and I used my Garmin til I got a new one.

Anyways I was ‘tracking’ my calories and actually including alcohol in my daily limits but I wasn’t really losing weight but I was getting more active. I was sick a short time that year and that is when I lost my 2013 weight (can’t I be sick again?!).

January 2013 = 203lb
January 2014 = ??
January 2015 = 195lb
January 2016 = 144.50lb

I was up to 153.5lb on 16th May and I’m currently 151.5lb. I STILL have over 30lb to lose and it’s getting frustrating.

Even though it doesn’t look like much, my fitbit has really helped me. I love data and it gives me all the data that I need. I even have the premium service. I couldn’t be without it.

I am making a new healthy start. I am going back to track my calories on MFP, hitting the gym 3 times a week if my shifts allow and including running + classes + tennis + swimming. Anytime I am not either studying or at work I need to be exercising. I am also changing up was food and starting to take fruit in for my breakfast/break snack then having lots of veg with protein for lunch. I WILL get rid of this weight one way or the other.


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