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So I haven’t been to the army unit in months, I still want to go through with it all but after the first few weeks of not going I just didn’t feel I could go back. My running is still not at the correct speed, I have gotten to 10min miles but I need 9.3 min miles and I have an RRMT day on 2nd July. I only have 5 weeks to get it sorted. I did want to change unit’s but most units train on Tuesday evenings so it’s not possible for me to attend.

Sometimes I feel like I should leave it for another year, and pick up once I am doing my nurse training.

I really need to pick up my run training and I am now also starting to play tennis again at the health centre.

Oh and I’ve but weight on ūüôĀ My lowest was 142lb but at one point I was back up to 153 lbs. I am currently 151lbs.

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