What is the US version of an Anglophile? Anglophobe maybe? Whatever it is I would be it. Don’t get me wrong I like the UK I just don’t like what it has become.

Immigration for one. You can’t turn a corner without bumping into a none British citizen. Sometimes you don’t hear English and think you are in another country. Then there are the illegal immigrants who even though the law says they shouldn’t be here, they can’t be thrown out! They don’t have any ID therefore they can’t be sent home, well they can and do in France, a country who is in the EU just like us but who have laws above the European courts, and rightly so. Human right’s isn’t totally screwed in France like it is here. An EU citizen doesn’t have his past history checked to make sure he hasn’t committed a crime, if he commits a crime in the UK he doesn’t get sent home, we have to think about HIS human rights remember. It doesn’t matter if he has just murdered someone, he has a family therefore he has a right to a family life in the UK!

I am not saying close our borders (or maybe I am) but surely we should be like the USA where a none US citizen can’t get benefits. It’s not as easy as people think it is for an immigrant to get a house & ‘free’ money but it is easier than it should be. You shouldn’t, regardless of if you’re from the EU or not, be able to move over here unless you have a job or enough saving to cover at least a years spending.  The French made a good point this week by saying we are easy for immigration as people can get jobs without ID papers, this should NOT be the case!

British people can’t get jobs, well you lazy chav get off the coach and go find one, anything is better than being on benefits. Well to them it isn’t. I had to sign on for 6 months once and the stereotype of the unemployed & benefit chav is correct. Not the genuine job hunters though. The benefit system is too generous in this country, it’s too easy to claim and too easy to lie. Those that do the big fraud generally tend to be from Africa or Asia. I see this being because chavs are generally too thick & lazy to think of anything big.  They are sticking their fingers up at the government and they are letting them. Benefit changes are happening but not soon enough. At no point should housing benefit (used to pay rent) have been given to the tenant so that they can ‘budget’, so many landlords (private & social) aren’t getting paid and then we hear a sop story about a trash family being evicted.

Anyways it isn’t all rosy in the USA, I know nothing about the politics other than Obama is now the worst president they have ever had.

I just love American culture, I love their food (not just burgers & fries), their buildings, the cars, their sports & their cities. I hate crowds in London but don’t mind them at all in NYC or Washington. I watch US TV shows & hate UK ones. I watch (when I can) US sports – nascar, indy, nhl, nfl, but hate football, cricket & golf. British cars are boring give me American Ford over European Ford any day. I even like the school system, the passing of years to move up, the advanced classes, the college sports etc

I am ashamed to say there is no British pride, Not like American Pride. We don’t fly flags on every door (we’d be called racist if we tried), we don’t have military chapters in schools, no marching bands, no extracurricular. Different cultures get along, kind of (maybe not recently). Here people move here for a free ride & because we are seen as easy but they hate us. We can’t say or do anything in case we are branded racist.

I was over in Washington DC memorial weekend and I loved it, so much pride going on so many different nations as one. We have nothing like it in the UK and the government wonders why the youth doesn’t like Britain.

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