The exam is over

Thank god for that.

Got there early and as it was a private school we had to wait outside til 2pm to be let in. The exam was 2:30-5:30pm but I got out at 4:30pm ish.

I was dreading what the questions would be, looking at past papers I couldn’t answer them. At soon as I looked at the questions I just had to smile 🙂 The blocks I was focusing on were asking about abuse and safeguarding!!! No one thought it would ever be safeguarding but rather communication or health promotion. I waffled on trying to get everything I could remember down on paper; most didn’t make sense, include names or theories, or answer the question. I was just happen I had things to write! If it was mentioned in the blocks I wrote it.

Part C was the killer though. You had to read two articles and say what they were talking about, what they didn’t mention and then pick which one had the better argument. One was written by the TUC for a newspaper about pensioners, their ‘wealth’, impact on young adults etc. The other was written as a research piece about employment figures, reduced income for young adults, the recession etc. I was more drawn to the last article as it wasn’t biased or one-sided. It didn’t put blame on anyone group.

I am confident that I have past but now not thinking I did so well (a pass is a pass), there are things I realised I missed out on, things I really should have remembered. Oh well two more modules to do but no more exams!

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