Issues with the scale

So I started out at 203lb in 2013 but it wasn’t til 2014 that I started to really see my weight going down. I started losing at a steady rate the 1st half of the year down to the 150s, so I thought nothing of it. My scale had always been on a hard surface. I’ve bounced around 144-155lb ever since I’ve been in the new flat, this flat is all carpet so the scale has to be used on top of it.

Just to show how bad scales on carpet are, I moved my Aria scale into the living room the other day to update and it had me at 177lb. If I use the wii fit it has me in the 180s. Today I placed the scale on a plank of wood in the same area it always is and it read 181lbs!

The thing is I’ve never felt like I had lost that much weight, so I’m thinking that my Aria scale is the one that is wrong. The Boditrak scale has me as 191lbs so none are close to each other.

I’m going to continue with my Aria scale but also follow Boditrak at the gym as I like all the data it gives. I am however going to have to really work on my calories in now.

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