Weight series: A truthful weigh-in

So I have been struggling to lose weight since around 2013, it has generally been my fault that nothing has really changed since then, mainly down to my complete laziness and my immense fear of loose skin – there I’ve said it!

On this site, my weight would appear to have fluctuated over the years, when in reality nothing changed. I do feel that I am fitting clothes better and than fat has basically moved from one part of my body to another. That is the only way I can describe it.

While in my previous flat I thought I was doing well but the scale lied. For a scale to be accurate it needs to be on a flat surface and not be moved around a lot. Well, the floors were slanted and all over the place so I was lead to believed (naively) that I was making progress.

Fast forward to my current place and ALL floors have carpet. YES, ALL floors – yuck! So the scale would be off as they don’t work well on carpet at all. Even a cm move and the number would be different. I ended up with 3 scales are giving me differing values. Two were close but one (my Aria) was way off like 20lbs but the one I was using for weigh-ins etc. [I’m a Fitbit whore]. I think I also didn’t want to believe my true weight.

My aria started acting up recently by not syncing so I looked at getting a new scale but didn’t want the lastest Fitbit one. I decided on the Withing Body Cardio as it did everything I wanted. I knew the numbers wouldn’t be accurate but at least I would be able to see a trend.

The scale came on Friday just past and I can now say that my weight it…


I have lost nothing but I am not scared to share this number with like the one person who actually reads this blog – hi!

I am more determined than ever to lose this weight. I do feel however that the loose skin is the really reason that I haven’t honestly tried before. Yes I know it can be covered up with clothes etc and I’m not about to go out in a bikini at any point in the future, but it will be there, it will cause issues and I’m not about to be able to afford skin removal surgery.

I will stop there as I think I’ll start to make no sense from now on. I will say that I aim to do a weekly weigh-in (haven’t said that before?) on Fridays with all my stats via the Nokia Health app.

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