What I’ve been up to so far this weekend

Well it hasn’t been that exciting really.

Thursday I spent most of the day starting & completing an assignment for uni. Friday was spend at a HCA training day for my new job. I had to get the 6:05am bus to make sure I got there on time! The training was nothing new to me and thankfully it was over quick and I got a lift all the way home!! We decided hell we haven’t been to the pub since Monday night so we went đŸ˜‰ Decided on a pub we’d been past many a time but hadn’t been in. The place nice and small but didn’t really have a good ale selection so we stuck to Kronenburg, which we hadn’t had in ages, and it tasted GOOD. We decided then to go off the the Seldon Arm to have 2 ales.


Saturday we were both in a bit of a mood but to work taking the piss in sorting out Keith references and CRB so off to the pub we went đŸ˜‰ This time to a cheap chain thinking we would just have 1, we ended up having 3. The rest of the afternoon/evening consisted of me falling asleep on the coach and us going to bed early!


The 1st of our 3 ales, we like to go for the stronge ones đŸ˜‰

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