sports(1)Now I may enjoy watching sports but I know nothing about them. I’m watching ski jumping as I watch this and couldn’t tell you a thing about it. Motorsport is my main thing to watch, while athletics + tennis + ice skating are my sports to do.

I am sure I have missed many sports that others could name. How the hell did I miss off soccer/football and horse racing that I hate with a passion.  Actually watching cricket in a pub is fun when you’re drunk.

The following are people/teams I follow:

Tennis = Williams sisters
Nascar = Patrick, Logano, Harvick, Bowyer, Biffle (who couldn’t with a name like that)  & Steward Haas Racing. Definately not either Busch brother
F1 = Rosberg, Button & any team that isn’t Redbull or Farrari
NFL =Giants
Baseball = Yankee

Sports are just not done in the UK like there are in the USA 🙁 No big school/college/uni anything, no mascots, no tailgating, just over paid idiots.

Also very few true sports bars. Most pubs show soccer and horse racing but none show Nascar and only a select couple show some F1 races. We just tend to get the beers in and watch from home. I miss seating in the bars in NYC.

We do happen to have an American Football team locally, Sussex Thunder, based in Brighton, so just down the road. I should go and support them.
I shall now go and research and other teams I might like.

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