Starting again

So I am forever changing my mind on things.

I decided to do a start-over on 13th October and deleted all my previous weights on MFP and go from my weight on that date – 193.7lbs. I went back and forth with which gym to join and I settled on Max- Strength. It might not be the cheapest but it is the best for me as I know I don’t do classes, am bored of cardio and won’t push myself on my own.

I went to my first session on Monday 8am-9am, then Wednesday 8am-9am and Friday 9am- 10am.

Monday exercises:

Lunge squats x 15
rest 30 seconds
Incline push ups x 12

Rest 1 min repeat x 4

TRX pull ups x 12
rest 30 seconds
Lateral Raise x 15

Rest 1 min repeat x 3

Box steps x 15 each leg
DB row x 15 each arm

Rest 1 min repeat x 3

Wednesday exercises:

Box squats x 20
rest 30 seconds
Lat pull down x 12 (65kgs)

Rest 1 min repeat x 3

Back extensions x 12
Lying leg tucks x 10

Rest 1 min repeat x 3

Friday exercises:

Cardio – Sandbag carries x 4 lengths, 3 mins rest between each run.

15kg medicine ball, 15kg tyre, 15kg sandbad, 20kg sandbag, 3 x 25kg sandbags.

Some of them were hard to carry but I got a lot encouragement from others at the gym.

DB squat snatch x 15 each arm
40 second blank

Rest 1 min repeat x 3


I really like going which is a first for me and while I’m not at work I am able to. This week has been a free trial and I buy a membership from Monday, I’m just waiting for my free trial to be changed to membership. I will work with the instructor for another 1 or 2 weeks just going over different exercises then we will work out a routine for me to do and go over my nutrition also. As there is only a max of 8 people per session with sometimes it being only me, the instructor can keep an eye on everyone, suggest improvements etc.


Back to my weight as of today I am down to 190.6lbs according to my aria scale.




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