Christmas 2015

So I’ve finally gotten round to write my Christmas post.

Christmas day itself was fairly quiet, I finished a night shift at 8am just as Keith was starting his. I went home to have a Bailey’s đŸ˜‰ and sleep for a few hours then start the dinner around 16:00pm. Keith surprised me by getting home early (they were allowed to leave early) just in time to help with the dinner. It was just a normal roast chicken as we aren’t into the whole cooking for hours, making too much etc.

We spent the rest of the day opening presents, drinking and watching TV including the movie Battleship.

Boxing day we had a quiet morning then made our way to Arundel for a walk and a few beers, we didn’t really do much walking đŸ˜‰ We arrived at the first pub not long before it was closing but we managed to get in 2 pints then we wondered down the hill to another pub and had 2 more there. We have decided we need to visit Arundel more often.

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