So I went for my first run outside yesterday. I totally couldn’t do it lol

Run 1 – Distance: 0.22 km | Pace: 8.47 | Speed: 7.08 km/h
Run 2 – Distance: 0.21 km | Pace: 8.30 | Speed: 7.23 km/h
Walk 1 – Distance: 0.37 km | Pace: 14.30 | Speed: 4.2 km/h

I then did 1k on the bike.

I went to meet Keith at work so decided to go for a long walk, I love walking on Christmas day, and did the following:

Walk 2 – Distance: 4.41 km | Pace: 13.80 | Speed: 4.36 km/h

So I think I deserved the 3 drinks I had in the pub on the way home đŸ˜‰ then the drinks at home. We opened our presents (not many), had cheese on toast, then I crashed on the sofa, alcohol makes me sleepy.

We had a big evening dinner – honey gammon joint, mash potato, roast potatoes, sprouts, cabbage, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, gravy. We didn’t manage to eat it all so we have left overs for today đŸ™‚

There were actually 2 corner shops open too.

I did some online shopping in the morning:

Loads of clothes from H&M and also 2 dumbbell bars, I’m also still waiting on my water bottle.

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