New Year Eve

So new years eve went off with a bang!

We went to our local pub for festvities – cider & people watching ūüôā In total we had 5 pints each, we took undrunk photos at the start then we went to visit the giant Christmas tree outside our building after midnight in the rain and had a laugh.

I took photos but the internet isn’t being nice to me at the moment so I will upload later.

Oh yeah there was obviously drugs being taken in the pub. One guy turned up on his own and a little while later 3 others turned up and he joined them, they ordered 4 pints. Tall heavy footed guy went to the toilet for a while then he came back and original guy went. When he came back he handed the tall guy back an oyster card holder ‘secretly’ the guy then looked inside. One guy as soon as he walked in looked totally stoned or going through withdrawals. Tall guy got on the phone and was overheard saying ‘meet me here’ after the lads had clearly been discussing buying. Later a car pulled up outside (we were at the window) and I didn’t think anything of it other than ‘oh there’s a deal going down’. Then tall guy walks in and I clock on! They soon drink up and leave to go to the local really bad club to sell.

I bought some Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 trainers just now, they were in the sale for a saving of ¬£70 so I just couldn’t say no really.


I hate bank holidays, you know when money leaves your account but money doesn’t go in! Today I am -¬£217 as I scheduled a transfer for ¬£350 to my bills account and Keith’s ¬£350 to me hasn’t gone into my account. When it does I’ll have ¬£131 to last me the whole of January, I actually have no clue when payday is for this new job, I suppose I’ll find out on Monday. I should be ok as I have no bills to pay out of it. I would be even better if I was actually doing agency work instead of just cancelling every shift! I could have earned over ¬£1k in December!


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