It’s starting to look alot like Christmas

Sorry hold on a minute. Everyone knows that Christmas doesn’t start till after my birthday and everyone knows that means after 28th November!

I do and don’t like this time of year. I LOVE snow but hate the cold. I hate kids everywhere. One thing I love to do it walk around the streets trying to find the most tackiest lights I can.

Yesterday we went to sort out our plans for New years. We were originally going to go here but it sold out before we could book

parsonageSo yesterday we went to have a drink and food (as you do) at a pub we hadn’t been to before and to book for New Years there instead.

Everyone meet The Henty Arms in a lovely village just a 4ish mile walk from our flat ūüėČ

henty armsI think my fave thing about New Years is going home but this place is 4ish miles away. It’s a lovely walk along by the sea and should be fun after god knows how much booze. Will we make it home before we need to pee or not? The usual answer is not, so we just have to make do. Oh there aren’t many toilets along the route especially the first half of it and at night they will all be closed anyways. In fact they are closed during the day now too, which I don’t understand, as we are not a seasonal town, people still need to use them!

Anyways photos of our adventure yesterday will be up soon.

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