Back to the gym

So my gym was closed Christmas day & Boxing day and the weather was bad yesterday so I didn’t go then either.
I did go this morning however.

Distance: 1.5k
Average pace: 9.48 km
Time: 14:44

I ended up with a headache at the end so only managed 1.3k on the bike.


Think I’m going overboard on the whole running/fitness stuff. My water bottle came yesterday and today my dumbbell bars and top came. I have still to wait for my H&M order and just today I ordered a sports bra and 2 tops from boobydoo.


It’s Keiths birthday today so I met him after work at a lovely pub in the north village, we had 2 ales and we are off later to day for a birthday meal


I have come to the conclusion  that I really am fat and NEED to do something about that. I know I am doing more at the gym each time I go, I just need to fix my food.


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