The fair is in town

So tonight is the start of the annual Lions festival here in Worthing. Tonight is a concert in the gardens right near us so we will be able to hear it and tomorrow is the start of the fair along the sea front. There is also street food and other stalls along the front too. The last weekend (26th-27th) there is a motor bike meet on the Saturday and a classic american car show on the gardens and a bus show at the other end of town on the Sunday.

My parents will be visiting that week due to the car show and they are coming down by coach so a 7 ish hour journey! They have never been here before so we are making plans to do things while they are here. We have never been here for the full festival so it should be interesting.


My run today was not good. I think I will have to go to a 3 day 5k schedule, therefore do my training Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays. On Mondays there is a beginners running club at one of the local leisure centres so I think I will try that. My fitness schedule is so far as below:

Monday = 09:20 running club (beg)
Tuesdays = 5K run/walk, moving onto 10k/half marathon training
Wednesday = gym/exercise class/short runs
Thursday = 5K run/walk, moving onto 10k/half marathon training
Friday = morning swimming with Keith or 09:20 running club (beg) if Keith is working
Saturday = rest or long walk with Keith
Sunday = 5K run/walk, moving onto 10k/half marathon training

There is yoga studio behind our flat and I do mean right behind so I’m looking at doing there intro/beg classes at some point.

My big weight lose goal is to get to 52kg/115lbs but that’s not till next year, my end of year goal is to get down to 72.5kg/160lbs so 24 weeks to lose 28lbs. I’m currently aiming for 180lbs, 175lbs, 170lbs, 165lbs and finally 160lbs.

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