Being an expat

Ok so I’ve never been an expat and never will, my age and lack of qualifications put a stop to that, but I’ve always dreamed of moving to the USA or Australia. I just never did anything about it early enough in my life ūüôĀ You’d think being a commonwealth country it would be easy to move to Australia but it’s not.

As mentioned in a previous post here I have a few issues with Britain ūüėČ .

For some reason, that I can’t remember, I found an expat blog, then another, then another. Each one I’ve found I’ve just had to read from the beginning. Most have been British moving to USA but a few have been to the UK. Megan moved to the UK from America then to Scotland then back to the State, she just so happened to live a few roads away from where I grew up. Betsy was another one who moved to the UK then back to the US. Selena however has stayed in the UK as has Jamie who moves around a lot. Gillian has also made the jump to the US but Taylor has made the jump to the UK and lives just down the coast from me & she likes running.

I’m jealous, I want to move abroad. I have come to terms with never being able to do that so I will just have to make do with a holiday to the US every 2 years. I could get my nursing qualifications and be able to but then I’m not married to my partner (never will be ), he is older than me and doesn’t meat the requirement to move.

Today’s workout

Today was a treadmill run, I had planed to do a 10k run but only did 5k in the end.

I ended up just repeating the first 10min 3 times and sprinting to 5k. I took the speeds down 1 mph.
I finished in 33mins, my fasted 5k so far!

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