Day 2 at the gym

Monday was my second day back at the gym and I knew I wanted/needed a day off from the weights. My plan was to run a 5k which I haven't…

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A weekend run/walk

Up early this morning to get at a run in. If I had done the full block it would have been 5k. I walked most parts of it, but now…

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Being an expat

Ok so I've never been an expat and never will, my age and lack of qualifications put a stop to that, but I've always dreamed of moving to the USA…

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Exercise week 3

With my parents visiting us Thursday - Monday morning I only got to the gym 2 times Tuesday & Wednesday. Tuesday 5k run (a slow 5k) Wednesday 1 mile warm…

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A 5k run

I am really pushing myself with my running, I just have to push myself to get out and run! This is my fastest 5k to date, I know not fast…

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