A new gym plus more…

So I am on the look out for a new gym, I’m really nt liking my current one and I never go.

My two options are:

Max Strength is a strength & conditioning gym, that has small group sessions – powerlifting, circuit, HIT, strongman, boot camp and more. It is a bare bones gym that has no cardio equipment (I think). £70 a month unlimited.

Smart Performance is a cross fit gym. £75 a month unlimited.

Both are thankfully local to me so that is not an issue. I am so bored with cardio gyms, I have an exercise bike (which I really should use) and I run (try to run), I don’t do the classes and the few weight areas are totally crap. I feel for me to be healthier and fitter I need one of the above gyms. I am edging towards max strength but will try trials at both.


Yesterday I bought a running watch the Garmin F15 plus HRM, I should get it in a few days 🙂


I had a job interview last Friday morning (the 1st interviewee) for a HCA positionat the local hospital and I got the job that afternoon. On Saturday I was offered an interview for the radiology department at the hospital and I would really like that but I’m happy to take the HCA role if I’m not successful. I have the interview tomorrow morning so wish me luck.

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