hi there!

So I haven’t been around much¬† in August. I am still trying to get my uni modules sorted out and I have an interview on 5th September for the local hospital. I have fully decided to go into nursing as there are so many things I can do with it.

Iam still running but so far haven’t been able to get past 7 mins running in one go ūüôĀ I really would like to get my mile under 10mins rather than the 13mins it currently is.

This weekend is carnival meaning loads of lovely food stalls, there is also a food show on at the theatre so hopefully this will mean free food. Next weekend is payday, yay, and the local airshow which we haven’t been to before.

I actually started weight my food completely a few days ago and I’m really starting to see how much I really eat, I still eat just for the hell of it which really has to stop. If I could just be consistent with my exercise it wouldn’t take much to lose as my calorie burns isn’t that low on lazy days.

I WILL lose these 76 lbs I WILL!!

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