So Saturday I went to my first bootcamp class. OMG I came out of it totally exoausted and actually felling sick! I didn’t find the exercises themselves hard just that my fitness level is so low at the moment my body had run out of energy quickly. I’m thinking it was due to not eating before hard (morning class)

I burnt 395 calories though which was excellent.

Sundays there isn’t much class choice at my local leisure centre, so it’s just a run/gym day. This Sunday I was still feeling the effects of the Saturday class so I ended up doing nothing and I went totally over my calories!

Today (Monday) I went for a 20 min run, a 20 min gym sessions and a short session in the sea. Overall I burnt near to 400 calories. I’ll take that!

I need to get into a routine with this fitness thing. I’m not much liking the local leisure centre gym though, it is quite small and packed with equipment. Thankfully it’s never full. I intend to use the classes and the pool more and use the weight room at one of the other leisure centres more (I get the use of all 4 local leisure centre in my gym membership). As it’s further away from me but closer to work I am thinking of using it on the mornings after my night shifts but then it would mean 3 mornings in a row. I need to set up an induction first to get a routine to work to. I HAVE to tell them what I want (barbell, power rack etc) rather than them thinking ‘oh a girl, lets use dumbbells and machines’.

Now my most recent pictures.

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