I think I’m slowly getting there.

So I am down 1kg this week, which is a lot for me. I’m logging everything I eat and staying under calories. With my new phone (Samsung Note 4) both my tracking apps work now – mfp & fitbit so it’s so much easier to log and check throughout the day.

My 3rd gym session this year was today and it was a hard one. First onto my 2nd session:

I did the new warm up, then got onto the exercises

Tire flips x 6
30 second battle rope

Rest 1 min, repeat x 8

Cool down

3rd session:

Warm up

Raised squats with kettlebell (15kg) x 30s
rest 10s
DB press (10kg) x 30s
rest 10s
Bent over bb rows (just bar) x 30s

Rest 10s, repeat x 10

DD bent over flys x 20
Superman for 5s each side x 5

short rest, repeat x 3

Cool down

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