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I forgot to mention in my ‘exciting post’ but my credit history must be improving. I know my DRO falls of my report this month but not til the 22nd so not sure what has helped. Anyways I on a whim I applied to get my basic Halifax bank account upgraded and I also applied for a Luma credit card. Both thing’s I’d done before with no success. Wednesday I received my new Halifax account info in the post as well as my pin for my Luma card. On Thursday I received my login details for Luma and Saturday I received my card. It ony has a £200 credit limit but I got it so that I can end my £350 use of a PDL style credit line. I aim to pay it off on payday and use the Luma card instead as I know I will need more money after paying it off. If I still need t use it then I’ll only use a small amount and use less each month til I don’t need it again.

Onto what I did this week.

Sunday – no exercise | 1952 calories burned | 3.1 miles traveled | 1414 calories consumed | 7302 steps
Mondayran my fastest 5k  | 2587 calories burned | 5.3 miles traveled | 1763 calories consumed | 17714 steps
Tuesday – no exercise (off work ill) | 1877 calories burned | 1.8 miles traveled | 1558 calories consumed | 4129 steps
Wednesdaystrength training | 2448 calories burned | 5 miles travels | 1536 calories consumed | 12003 steps
Thursday – worked 12.5 hrs | 2196 calories burned | 7.5 miles travels | 1432 calories consumed | 17554 steps
Fridaystrength training | 2574 calories burned | 9.3 miles travels | 1772 calories consumed | 22845 steps
Saturday – worked 12.5hrs | 2202 calories burned | 7.6 miles travels | 1806 calories consumed | 17784 steps

Today’s workout

4 miles outside.

I haven’t run outside in a little while. I planned to run 2 miles to my gym them 2 miles back. In the end I ran for 1 mile then walked back a mile. A big fat fail. I think my legs of out of running form and I need to slow myself back into it maybe.

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