A lot can happen in a week.

So I haven’t really been present on the blog this week, so sorry for that. Exciting things are happening.

I again ran on the treadmill for 1 hr and managed 5.25 miles! I only walked for the first 2 min, not like the first time when I walked for 5 min and then for 7 min around 35 min in. I still haven’t managed to run very much outside though ūüôĀ I did managed 10 min or so last Sunday but then walked for a few miles. I’m not sure how I will cope with the10k race in 2 weeks.

On a whim we viewed a 2 bed flat after Keith finished work last Thursday (16:30) and oh how we really liked the place, the 2nd bedroom was a decent size and we could fit the dinning table in the kitchen. There is so much storage. The estate agent knew we were interested but as there were 2 other viewing after us, he had to show them around then give our names in the landlady. We left thinking we wouldn’t get the place, there were things going against us (we have no clue what, we just knew there were some) and we were to phone him at 17:30. As luck would have it the estate agent phoned us at 17:10 to say that the other people wanted to visit again the next day (who does that for a rental?!) but as we were interested he offered us the flat. Right there and then we finished our pints and went and paid our admin fees to get the flat off the market and collect the tenant check forms.

I took them back in the next day and as far as I am aware everything is going ok and we haven’t failed them. There should be no reason for us to, neither of us have a CCJ, IVA or bankruptcy and the checks don’t bring up actual account details so won’t see what accounts we have or any defaults we may have. Thankfully my DRO fell off my report in time. We should hear the all clear on Thursday as the estate agent is only in the office Thursday & Friday this week and he said the checks take a week to do. In reality they take 48 hrs max.

We are looking to move in on 9th October as the family there now move out on 16th September and we need to give 1 months notice on our current flat. That should be given on 24th September. We will actually have the keys from around the 25th but can only get a moving date on 9th due to work.

Speaking of work. I was about to write a post about how I didn’t get an interview for the day surgery position, but I got an interview invite this afternoon! I just happen to be off that day. Still debating whether I actually want the job as I do like where I currently work but I want to get away from toileting & washes etc. It does mean that if I get the job I could very well be moved to a ward some afternoons if they are short staffed (usually are). There are not many wards I like the sound of but I just look at it as keeping my skills up and seeing different areas. I think most wards are elderly though, not my thing, but as long as they are mobile in someway then I am ok. I just hate having patients that are doubles but not having anyone to help me. I can just think of it as short term as I’ll be doing my nurse training in 1 – 2 years. Oh I will get weekends off though and no more nights, if the shift pattern is about to be changed.

I think that is it for now. I have just come off a night shift and I feel like crap, I have 2 12.5hr shifts to get through starting tomorrow then I have 3 days off!

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