Update on studies

Results were released last Tuesday, there were not good. I knew I had failed K311 as I didn’t get the required 40% for the OCAS. The result for SDK228 was/is pending, I got through today however the result of the investigation for plagarism! Basically everything they flagged up has been ignored so very little is to be marked, I won’t have passed due to this!

What does this all mean?

I can do a resit in September with the result at the end of the month but that would be too late for Portsmouth. I am trying to get The Open Uni to convert my credits to the DipHE in the hope that Portsmouth will still accept me. The Open Uni are very slow to respond so I may have to phone them up tomorrow.

I feel like should a failure yet again!

I am thinking of applying to The Open Uni for nursing for September 2018. It would mean 4 years but might be better financially. I am however thinking of giving up completely. I can get funding for a 2nd degree and have been thinking of going down the route of Computing & IT or Sport & Fitness. The former would be better job wise that the latter, the latter would be more for enjoyment but maybe I could get a part-time job at the gym or something.

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