University: The countdown begins


I have 5 months remaining before I become a full-time student again! This time will no doubt go fast, I’ll probably be working mostly, trying to save as well as pay down debt. I can”t actually do anything uni related yet as my student ID number doesn’t activate til 2 months before start date. I just want my timetable!


  • Lose weight. I have around 55 lbs to lose in total but I would like to lose 1/2 before I start uni so aiming for 150 lbs.
  • Pay off debt. I have £7500 of debt of that £1480 is credit cards. To day that off in 5 months would mean £296 per month! A huge task and one I don’t see myself making unfortunately. I will be looking at it an other way and pay via the avalanche method of paying off the highest interest first. So the order will be: Aqua (£189); Marbles (£450); Barclaycard (£355); Lloyds (£500). Anything left I hope to transfer to my OD on a new student account as there will be no interest.


  • New glasses. I really need a check up and new glasses but I need to save up for this as its not cheap £200+check up
  • Dye hair. I plan to actually go to the hairdresses this time and get a full cut and dye. No idea on price but I’m thinking £100.

What are your plans for the lead up to university starting. Are you going into your first year, second or last?

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