Weekend recap


My parents were meant to arrive at 19:45 but their coach from Nottingham was late therefore they missed their connecting coach in London even though that was also delayed. They eventually arrived at 22:00.


We spent the day walking around the festival, the stalls on the sea front, the pier and the bike show. The bike show was small but there was another one up the round so we think most went there instead.

The evening we spent having a lovely meal in one of our fav pubs then we went to the lido  to watch the fireworks off the pier and the bike procession. The fireworks were AMAZING! I’ve never seen any like it before, especially the ones coming off the water.

waiting for the fireworks
waiting for the fireworks
my dinner
my dinner


We went to the car show and saw some lovely cars. We then went to a small cafe and back along the festival stalls. We ended up have very large hotdogs for lunch ;).

I cooked for the first time for my parents in the evening, a chicken and prawn risotto. It turned out very good and everyone enjoyed it.


The plan was to visit Arunel a lovely village just outside Worthing with a cathedral and a castle but we had a very heavy storm during the morning and lots of places got flooded. In the end we just went around the shops and relaxed for the day. We have fish & chips for dinner.


My parents got the 09:30 bus back up to London and we have a friend coming to visit this afternoon.

— photos to come as we are off to pick up our mate from the train station —-

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