The worst interview ever and other things!!!

So I had my 2nd nursing interview on 19th April and it didn’t go well at all! My time was 12:30 but I didn’t get called in till 12:45/50 and I was out by 13:20.

I um-ed & ah-ed too much, I made no sense and really didn’t answer the question well. I won’t be one of the highest scorers this time round.

Anyways I have resided myself to the fact that I won’t be starting my training this September and I shall be completing my Health & Social Care degree with the OU and applying for nursing BSc for September 2017 at Brighton, Surrey & Southampton as well as nursing PGDip at Southampton and ODP at Portsmouth & Surrey. I’m not sure how I will right my personal statement for both nursing & ODP.

They are having interviews tomorrow then we should find out sometime during the week. I will be totally shocked it I do get in.

In other news I have been going to the gym for just over a week now, I have so far taken 1 group class (bodypump) and played around with the treadmills and squat rack somewhat. I shall be started full on training doing New Rules of Lifting or along those lines anyways once I’m back from Isle of Wight at the start of May.

Worked out that we should be able to afford out May 2017 holiday. I was working on the idea that we needed xyz amount on top of the credit card payments when in fact we just need to increase these payments slightly as we will be using them for the trip. No extra savings needed, though they would be nice.

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