Nurse training update….

From September 2017 I shall be doing my nursing training at the Uni of Southampton!!!!

I went to a PGDip Feb 2017 selection day on 25th November even though I had applied for PGDip Feb 2018 & BN Sept 2017. The day started with the small group activities which was us basically sitting around a table discussing a question they gave us. I felt that went really well. We then had a short one-2-one to give feedback on how we felt we did and what we would change if we did it again. I know I say lots of ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ throughout.

The hard part came later when we had the maths & english tests. 45 mins to answer 10 maths questions and answer a question on the papers we had to read before the day. It may sound like plenty of time but it wasn’t, I know I made some stupid mistakes in the maths and really didn’t answer the english question correctly.

We were told we would hear in 10 days time so 9 days later while off work ill, I receive an update from UCAS. An unsuccessful for the PGDip but a successful for the BN! I didn’t score enough in the tests for the PGDip, I’m wondering if the papers were different if I had gone to BN selection day or the pass mark was lower.

I am completely in shock to be honest, I just need to get my maths certificate, a reference from the OU and pass my current degree, no biggy then.

I had my interview for Brighton on 22nd November and was told I was unsuccessful on 25th November (I was too informal during the interviews, I thought I was just being relaxed).

I am still waiting to hear about interviews for Surrey & Portsmouth.

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