Fruits + vegetables

I am really not a ‘healthy’ eater. I like the boring stuff, root veg makes me sick (except potatoes + carrots) and I hate nuts!! I don’t like smoothies or yogurt either.

Fruit: Cherrys | Berrys | Granny Smith Apples | Water Melon | Lemon | Lime | Coconut | Peaches | Plums | Grapes | banana

Veggies: Carrots | lettuce | avocado | sprouts | cucumber | beans | peas | spinach | onion | mushroom | pepper | chilli | pickles | sweetcorn | cabbage | broccoli | cauliflower

Mainly my meals consist of rice/chip/potato + chicken/turkey/burger/curry etc I do love a good stir fry or chilli when I add mushroon, onion & peppers.

I just feel my meals are boring but then I look at all those nice dishes of fruit or veg/salads I see on blogs and think ‘I don’t like most of that’ or ‘that looks dry, I’d need a lot of dressing’.

I do a grocery shop and really only concentrate on evening dinners, rarely on lunches so they turn into cheese on toast/soup/pre-packed.

I think I have a restricted pallet then I look at the above list and think that actually I could do a lot with that. Anyone got a good website for dishes I can look through?


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