This is my new gym

Yes I have joined yet another gym, this one however is 2.2 miles from my house so further than I usually go.

I representation of what it will look like once the building has been completed (currently a building site). Gym on ground floor with cafe and living accommodation above (I think).

what it looks like in real life.


view, better when completed

my new home.

Classes are outside and look great. I actually plan to do some of them this time around, some start early though (6am) so we’ll see which I get too ūüėČ

This is the only gym I’ve found with a stair master and not a stepper, I can only manage 3 mins so far. They also have spin bikes which you use yourself and follow the screen. Looking forward to using them. I have a strength training/power rack plan sorted but am thinking I may need something else if the rack is busy. They don’t have many plates yet so I’m hoping that they get more soon.

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