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Americans do everything big style – announcement of a baby, announcement of the babies sex, decorations – fall + Easter + Halloween + Xmas. The UK or at least from what I know of don’t do half of it. I find it a bit OTT to be honest.

Yesterday I went to watch the local parkrun to check it out before I take part in it. I then went to take photos at the local park (not the local one where the parkrun is).



So I am still confused over uni. Do I stay with sports psychology or go back to health care? I have 3 modules to complete after my current one to finish my degree. I’m thinking that if I do health care then I can do 1 level 3 module next year and then 1 level 3 along with 1 level 2 instead of doing 2 level 3s together.

Fitness to me should be a big thing, I should have lost 30+lbs this year but in fact I’ve barely lost 15lbs ūüôĀ I have just been given a new workout routine which I hope will jump start my weight drop. I haven’t been to the gym since I was given the routine mainly because I did too much and I just couldn’t move. Today I am much better and am aiming to go for a work later on. I really want to get on with the strength training i.e. SL 5×5 but I don’t feel ready to go into the barbell section of my health gym just yet. I have a barbell at home with a few weight plates but I just don’t have the room for a bench, squat rack or what I really want – a power rack. Below is the one that I want but this will have to weight till I move an get that 2nd bedroom or I’ll just have to go to a bodybuilding gym instead if I still don’t have the room,

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