The new job


As it happens both me and Keith have gotten new jobs and with the same employer, the NHS.

My whole process was quite simple, once I’d received all the forms I had to fill in. I thankfully had joined the update service so I didn’t need to get a new DBS/CRB, so it was just the wait for references. Total time was 1 month from initial offer to my file being sent to my ward manager. I did chase a few times as I’ve had issues in the past. Here lies my issue; I was due to start on the AMU but unbeknown to me that was being transformed into the emergency floor. My initial start date was 3rd November but that could haven been moved up or pushed back. Unfortunately it was pushed back to 24th November as the opening of the emergency floor was pushed back ūüôĀ I have still to get my rota for my first week.

Keith’s process was/is another matter. He was offered the job on 15th October and was told they were a little behind with everything. It was two week (the same as me) before he received his forms.¬† On 30th October I helped him fill out his DBS/CRB online (he didn’t have the update service) and on the 4th November we traveled to the trust HR department in Chichester, a 4hr journey total, to sort out his documentation. That’s where the story stops for the time being. As of today the 20th November, no references have been sent off and neither has his DBS/CRB check. He has an initial start date of the 8th December but that is looking unlikely now and if he starts too late in the month he won’t get paid in December and have to wait til the end of January instead.

The pains of starting a new job. For Keith this is probably going to be his last employee and for me most likely too but that won’t stop me from moving within the trust, especially if I do end up becoming a nurse.

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