I went to the races

Not the horse races but the slot car races.

Two Saturdays ago me & Keith went along to Brighton’s open market for a day of showing of our track to the locals. It was fun & neither of us had ever been to that market before, in fact we’d never been to that part of Brighton before. The market managers son was a bit annoying throughout the day but we did get free ice cream and went to 2 different pubs with one of the other slot races from our club. I think we have found a new drinking buddy.

On Wednesday night we went to our monthly slot racing night. This time is was the mod round & I had a very fast car, unfortunately the track was very fast so most cars were fast.

I managed to get into the C final and was 0.05 a lap behind the person who won the C final to move into the B final. I was pleased with how I performed and glad in the end that I didn’t move up as there were issues for the lane that I would have been racing on.

Next round is NASCAR. I am currently in 13th place in MOD, 19th place in NASCAR and 14th place overall.

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