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So I seem to be getting nowhere with running. I have missed a few sessions at the gym and now don’t seem to have the drive/motivation/whatever to go. Today I emailed a running club who meet on Sunday morning to see about joining them, other clubs meet on weekday evenings usually when I’m working ūüôĀ There are a few I may try again with.¬† I found a new ‘free’ running group the other day, interesting I thought, until I realised it is a herbal life activity, I tend to stay away from those ‘oh you must drink this supplement everyday, it’s the only way to lose weight’. Hell to the NO. There is also a free bootcamp but I’m not sure if it’s with the same people. It’s way I left my last gym as they had classes associated with the crap.

I really need to get over myself, I need to make friend who are also runners/into fitness etc.

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