Getting better

So I actually went for a run this morning then to work for 4 hrs. I was meant to go to the gym this afternoon but I have a headache and I’m out this evening. Just under 4 weeks til my 10k race, I got a reply from the running group so I hope to join them this Sunday. I also got a reply from the local crossfit box, but it came off rude, ‘if you don’t want to compete then what do you want?!’ Maybe because I told them I was interested in their gymnastics & olympic classes which come under their ‘compete’ membership package. It’s still £75 a month for just 2 classes! The package I’d like is £105 a month WTF!! I am still debating it as there is another gym that looks interesting that for unlimited membership is £85 I’d just have to workout how many times a week I would go, this package includes the barbell club as well as function classes + gym. It’s a bus/train journey away though so I’d have to factor in both time & cost. I’m still happy with my current gym even though I can’t increase from 30kg squats & it’s tiny at the moment. Basically one week of bank shifts (2) would have to pay for the gym.

Work was slow, but it always is in outpatients and I booked more shifts. I need the money and it’s a change from my usual department.

I am happy with my weight, it isn’t going down as quick as it used to but at least it isn’t going up. I am doing ok with food, I’m am netting a good amount of calories, even if i go over one day a week I tend to still have a deficit by the end of Sunday.

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