A return to the gym

So this morning was my first day back at the gym, I hadn’t been since 3rd December ūüôĀ

They have new PB boards and 2 different warm up plans, that we do each time we go. I did a modified version of on of them.

As I hadn’t been for so long I had a relative easy workout

Box steps x 30 (15 each leg)
Bench dips x 8

1.5 min rest, repeat x 3

Bent over rows (db) x 15
Body weight squats on a decline x 20

1.5 min rest, repeat x 3

Back extensions x10
Bent over fly x 15 (5kg)

1 min rest, repeat x 3

Overall I enjoyed this session, just hate to think what is in store for me on Wednesday.

I also did a 2k run before hand.

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