A new year

So last night was a quiet night in our fav pub. Most of the regulars we know off weren’t around but a few were. Also a few known patrons know to others but we hadn’t seen them before, maybe they used to be regulars and now seem to appear when we aren’t there lol

It was quiet to start with. We had already been to have a lovely indian meal, lining our stomachs for the drinking ahead. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, we ended up so bloated and we really took our time with our drinks. Keith wasn’t to go home at one point but I talked home round. We actually only have 2 ales then had a pint of coke to help our stomachs. By 11pm we had both perked up and the Sambuca helped a great deal, we were up and cheering, drinking champaign at night.

We didn’t stay  long afterwards, we expected to see loads of people out and for there to be a lot of noise from the pubs near our flat but in fact there wasn’t. We got to bed around 12:30am but I ended up on the sofa by 01:30am due to Keith snoring extremely loudly.



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