Oh Fitbit what have you done to me?!

Yep Fitbit have me again, after falling out of love with the brand due to the shoddy Surge strap, I am now back in their clutches with their new model The Ionic.

I never liked the idea of a wrist based device after not wearing a watch for years but after losing one Fitbit in NY, I had to rely on my Garmin F15 and actually came to only want to have wrist based devices.

I moved from Garmin back to Fitbit with the Surge. That was only Feb 2016 but with all the issues I and other people were having with the strap I gave up on Fitbit and upgraded my Gramin F15 to the F235 in December 2016. I was in love or so I thought. I have never been a fan of the Garmin web/app, prefering Fitbit’s by a mile, I was now a Garmin wearer as Fitbit just didn’t do the device for me.  The Surge had issues, the Blaze was without GPS and the others had very little interface.

In comes The Ionic, an upgrade on The Blaze (I’d say so) and my new soon to be wearable.

Am I mad, probably but someone has to be right?


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