My travels

So I have done a bit of traveling in my time, so I thought I would share the places I’ve been to.

Worldwide =

1C: Australia, Argentina, Spain, Brazil
2C: Austria, Turkey, Dominican Republic, France
3C: Malaysia, Bali, Thailand
4C: Goa, Germany, Singapore

Oh  I forgot Malta, Cyprus & Portugal!. When I say Spain I mean the mainland (been to many places) as well as Gibraltar, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. How could I miss Mexico?!

The US of A & Canada =

1C: Dover DE, Orlando, LA, Miami
2C: Philli, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Toronto, Maui
3C: NYC, Niagara, Washington DC, Vegas
4C: San Fransico, Honolulu, Pheonix, Vancouver

Africa =

1C: Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania
2C: Algeria, The Gambia, Tunizia

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