Latest run

So this week I’m running 5 mins walking 3 mins x 3 so 24 mins total still. I managed 1.81 mi or 2.9km, I am slowly getting faster my average pace was 13.14/mi.



Why can’t I get a handle on my eating!!!! I know I eat when I’m bored and just sitting around the house and I can’t seem to stop this. It’s nt even low calorie foods I eat but then again not too high in calories either.

I had two chicken wraps for breakfast after my run then jacob thins with houmous as a snack and now I’ve just had a small salad with more chicken. Thats 960 calories before 13:00!.  I shall try not to eat anymore till dinner tonight. I have no idea what it is as we have nothing in the house so will need to go out to  buy something.

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