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In the past my diet has consisted of pizza + a large bottle of alcopop during my depressing days, this would be after a footlong subway for lunch during the working week.

Nowadays I’m never one to buy many cakes, crisps, biscuits etc but I don’t really buy the healthiest things either. I can’t buy a pack of 6 brownies, lemon slices etc as I just have to eat then all in a day. If junk is around it’s just too tempting.

I do love my food and I’d make a large helping of a dish that is meant for 4 or 6 people but eat it between the two of us. I have my signature dishes but they aren’t very low calorie, cheese goes on top of EVERYTHING.
I don’t buy as much fruit as I should – it isn’t cheap and usually goes off before I get to eat it and veg is mostly the frozen kind but I don’t mind that.

I don’t seem to be able to control my eating, I know when I can’t eat anymore though. For example I’ll have lunch while Keith is at work then he’ll ask me if I want cheese on toast when he is home & I’ll say yes! I really have no willpower.

I tend to eat for something to do and this has to stop.

Dinners could be a 2 person serving of chicken (as long as I work it into my calories) with veg & potatoes, 2 person serving of my signature dishes, fish with potatoes & veg, 1/2 pizza with mushy peas, a roast with too much meat.

I’m trying to set goals for calories for each meal and have healthy snacks in between. I am thinking of getting loads of frozen veg bags and portioning them into 100-150g sizes and having then with a dip or with a sauce over then.

My signature dishes are:

Tuna pasta bake
Stir fry

Basically 1 pan cooking lol

I am a lover of mexican food and have been having wraps most days lately, I am on a mission to having healthy wraps. I know I need to get my eating under control, I won’t lose the weight overwise!

Dinner tonight was


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