I’m getting faster

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Distance = 1.89 mi
Time = 24 min
Lap 1 = 07:57 | 13:02 pace
Lap 2 = 09:57 | 12:00 pace
Lap 3 = 06:01 | 12:17 paceTotal = 12:41 pace

As you can see I didn’t do 5 min run, 3 min walk each lap as I messed up on lap 2. Now this includes walking so if I can run the whole thing I could see a good 5k time 🙂

My right leg cramps up though, I run through it and pray for the walk sections.

Now tomorrows run is meant to be running a mile without walking, so I’m aiming to beat a 12:41 pace but lets see how it goes.


Monday will be my first run with the beginners group of the Worthing & District Harriers. I’m kind of nervous to say the least plus I’ll be coming of 3 night shifts with 2 more to go.

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